gear combat


“When the titans of metal and machine clash it is like the gods fighting for supremacy, ignoring weapons that would turn a man to ash, delivering such force that it could level a building. It is our modern Prometheus. It is our blessing and our curse” – Gabriel

Combat between gears or for that matter anything else goes as followed.

1. Resolve surprise as normal
2. If another gear is fielded roll for ‘Jocky for Position’
3. Roll the proper initiative using the table below
4. Begin first initiative pass
5. Resolve first initiative pass
6. Repeat from 4 for remaining initiative passes as normal
7. At the start of a new round roll again for ‘Jocky for Position’
8. Repeat from 3

Jocky for Position:
Similar to an Opposed Vehicle Test found on page 170, you roll your modified Maneuver (Applying Handling as well), Applying a +2 modifier for each friendly gear combatant. Then for every 10% of speed or acceleration (determined by what is the most valuable in the situation) add another +1 per degree. Then denote all successes, whichever side has the advantage gains the difference in bonus dice to ANY opposed test involving the gear pilots (this does not apply to non-vehicle combatants). Maneuver

Action Manual Controls Virtual Controls Automated Controls
Maneuver* Reaction + Pilot Skill Response + Pilot Skill Response + Pilot Program
Initiative Normal Initiative Matrix Initiative Response + Pilot Program
Shooting Sensor + Gunnery Sensor + Gunnery Sensor
Defense* Reaction Response Response
Full Defense* Reaction + Pilot Skill Response + Pilot Skill Response + Pilot Program
Melee Attack* Sensor + Pilot Skill Sensor + Pilot Skill Sensor + Pilot Program
Damage Resistance Body + Armor Body + Armor Body + Armor
Infiltration* Reaction + Infiltration Response + Infiltration Response
Perception Sensor + Perception Sensor + Perception Sensor

For every one mark with a ‘*’ Handling is involved in the roll as well. Note that some skill tests may be modified by Autosofts.

Also note that AR and VR work the same as normal vehicles. Where AR grants a +1 to all actions and VR reduces the threshold for tests be 1 (counting as one automatic success in opposed tests). This extends to Hot Sim as well where being Hot Sim’d into a vehicle grants +2 to all actions as well.

Gears also have the ability to be very adaptable systems and have 3 characteristics to reflect that. First is Systems a measure of how computationally strong a gear is, the second is Power the measure of how strong the power core/ engine is, and the last one Tolerance is how mechanically hardy a gear is. During play you can spend these resources on a few things, some stock and some upgradable. Below are the stock options. Whenever a gear is under its ‘max’ it will recover 1 point per round (not turn) unless otherwise stated.

Resource Benifit
System +1 Sensor
Power +1 Response
Tolerance +1 Damage Resistance (Not Body or Armor)

gear combat

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